Saints and devotees alike have experienced divine miracles as and when H.H. Acharya Maharajshri installed an idol of God, performed a Patotsav Abhishek, graced a Parayan Satsang, or graced a place for Padhramni. Devotees and aspirants receive peace of mind and eternal bliss in the presence of H.H. Acharya Maharajshri. As and when they receive His darshan, the images of the sublime form of the Lord dwell forever in their hearts to help their souls on their spiritual journey. His devotees and aspirants feel fulfilled when they submit humbly at His lotus feet. However, there are occasions when an uninitiated person comes for the very first time and becomes His admirer for the rest of his life. I narrate here one such unique episode.

One haribhakta of our sampradaya was a patient of Dr. Ayengar. Over the course of consultation and treatment, Dr. Ayengar had a detailed personal dialogue with this haribhakta, and in one such personal discussion, the doctor came to know that the patient was a satsangi of Shri Swaminarayan sampraday.

On realizing this, Dr. Ayengar asked the haribhakta, "There is an ancient and majestic temple of Lord Shree Swaminarayan. Do you visit the city-based temple?" "Sir, I visit that temple daily to begin my day's routine with a darshan of God Himself," replied the patient. The doctor said, "I have benefited from a darshan of H.H. Acharya Maharajshri when my friend and I visited the university grounds to attend a grand celebration of the Rajat-Swarna Jayanti. His blissful image and the remembrances of that holy event are my finest memories. I have seen Him but once. You are most fortunate to see Him on a daily basis. The next time you make obeisance, do so with a humble request for release from this pain. The treatment and medicine recommended by the super specialists are not preferred in advanced countries such as America and England because these carry side effects that are more harmful than the disease itself. Therefore, pray from the heart to the Acharya Maharaj and your disease shall be removed instantly."